Digital Literacy In Your Classroom

Digital Literacy In Your Classroom

While it’s great to know what Digital Literacy is, why it’s important, and how it affects us here in Canada, the real question is often how do I translate this into value for my learners.  Below are a number of links to sites that are geared towards activities and lesson plans designed to promote Digital Literacy.  I hope that you find them useful!

  1. Edgalaxy’s Cool Stuff for Nerdy Teachershas 14 Digital Literacy Activities including use of Digital Sound, Moving Images, Digital Texts and manipulating Still Images.
  2. Edgalaxy’s Cool Stuff for Nerdy Teachers also has an excellent Digital Literacy Activity: Summarizing Text & Report Writing lesson plan
  3. One of my favourite lesson plans on Edgalaxy’s Cools Stuff for Nerdy Teachers is aDigital Literacy Lesson – Create your own movie Trailers
  4. ReadWriteThink has a lesson plan for Defining Literacy in a Digital World.  It includes an overview, IRA standards covered, resources and preparation, instructional plan and additional related resources.
  5. The ICT Learning Innovation Centre has and excellent ‘Digital Literacy Learning Activities for the Early Phase  Resource Kit’.  This resource is for Early Phase teachers with a bank of ideas and learning activities that they can use to help students develop digital literacy skills.  There are 50 ideas and activities featured in this resource.  Implementing some of the activities featured in this resource in the classroom will help your students become active, literate members in our digital world.
  6. The Digital Literacy:  Skills for the 21st Century website.  The website was developed to assist teachers wishing to foster digital literacy in their classrooms.  The site articulates the skills comprising digital literacy with the goal of helping schools and districts implement a new approach to digital literacy teaching.  The website is a freestanding set of resources that teachers and professional developers can access and use without the need for in-person training. The site not only presents each activity with explanatory text but also provides a rationale and an explication for the overall project of digital-literacy instruction.
  7. Google itself has a Digital Literacy Tour that has some excellent workshop materials on topics like:  Detecting Lies & Staying True, Playing and Staying Safe Online & Steering Clear of Cyber Tricks
  8. The Centre of Digital Literacy has a free e-book.  This 275-page free downloadable resource contains dozens of lesson plans that implement AASL’s Standards for the 21st-Century Learner in the context of the curriculum. Contributing authors include more than 30 teacher-librarians.
  9. ICT Digital Literacy has a page full of Primary, Secondary and K-12 Digital Literacy Resources.
  10. Resources for School Librarians has an excellent page listing many Technology and Internet Use lesson plans.


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