Ideas for First Day of School Warm Up Activities

Ideas for First Day of School Warm Up Activities


By Miska Rynsburger, eHow Contributor


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Make the transition back to school comfortable for students.

The start of a new school year is, for many, filled with excitement, hope and nerves. Help make the transition a smooth one by beginning with a few warm-up activities that will introduce the students to one another as well as make them more comfortable in their new classrooms.

All in Order

Put on a name tag and play together.

Two goals are accomplished by playing All in Order. Students will get the chance to work together toward a common goal as well as review their alphabetizing skills. Give each student a name tag as they enter the classroom. In bold letters, they must each write their first name on the tag and place them on their shirts. When all the students are present, instruct the class to stand against the wall alphabetized by their first names.

Life History Timeline

Students take a snapshot of their own life highlights.

Life History Timeline helps students choose a few of their own highlights in life as well as learn about the students in their class. Each student will need a blank sheet of paper. Model a timeline by drawing a long horizontal line on the board. Place a vertical hash mark on the left side and write and label the year you were born. Add a few more hash marks throughout the line with your own personal highlights. Students will be interested and learn a bit about you as you think aloud completing your own timeline. Encourage them to complete their own timelines and allow each to briefly present her own to the class.

Truth or Lies

Students learn about their classmates in this humorous game.

Truth or Lies is best played with upper elementary students through adult education classes on the first day of school. Give each student an index card. Divide the class into partnerships. They must interview each other and learn information about their partners. Students can ask questions of the other to gather more details or information. At an appointed time, tell the students to write down two facts about their partners and one untruth. Call upon students to introduce their partners to the class by reading the three statements. The rest of the class must guess which statement is false.

Scavenger Hunt

Students will enjoy discovering areas and materials in their new classroom,.

As students enter a new classroom, many feel uncomfortable not knowing where important materials or necessary facilities can be found. Rather than a dry lecture, lead the students around the room with a game. Write a list of items that are important for students to locate, such as their desks, the drinking fountain and pencil sharpener. Include a few fun items such as Murphy the Frog, the laser pointer and the student computer station. Give students the list and allow time for them to move throughout the room locating all the items on the list.


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